Nigel McAlpine

Nigel McAlpine

Nigel gained almost 30 years experience at the BBC, producing unique digital projects, leading teams within BBC Sport, BBC Technology, BBC News and BBC Knowledge & Learning and in partnership with companies within the creative industries. This included producing a powerful WW1 Virtual Reality experience designed for the Oculus Rift back in 2014, which puts the user in a trench on the 1st day of the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

He then set up StoryFX – a creative consultancy – ‘bringing stories to life with technology ‘ working across Virtual & Augmented Reality and immersive storytelling, partnering with key industry expertise and working with clients including C4 and C5.

His latest role with Digital Catapult means that he is engaging with a wide range of companies, industry stakeholders and individuals to highlight the potential of Immersive Technology in driving innovative business opportunities in Northern Ireland and beyond, by showcasing the immersive technology available at the Digital Catapult Immersive Lab located at the Ormeau Baths in Belfast.

Find information on when Nigel is speaking here. 

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