Heather Long

Heather Long


Heather Long  has been working in Costume Departments for over 25 years. Starting as a props maker for the Ulster Youth Theater and being offered jobs as a Costume Designer for the following year. Each theater job offered new opportunities as an assistant and designer to work with many of the Independent Theater Companies including Replay, Tinderbox, Kabosh, Bruiser and The Lyric Theater. A call came from Hazel Pethig looking for a costume assistant on a film, Heather worked this at night and Theater during the day – her first film job was as a Daily Costume Assistant on Titanic Town in 1988.

From that time on Heather worked on a combination of TV, Ads, Film and Theater in various roles inc Costume Supervisor, Principle Stand-by, Costume Maker on shows  The Fall, Game of thrones, Hunger, Good Vibrations, City of Ember, Christopher and his kind, Mo and Sons Of Anarchy.

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