Eric Carney

Eric Carney

Eric Carney is a three-time Emmy Award winning VFX Supervisor for Game of Thrones and one of the Co-Founders of The Third Floor previs studio.  Eric has worked for the past 5 seasons on the hit HBO show as a VFX and Previs Supervisor, working with the directors and producers to plan and execute the complex filming of the innovative VFX heavy sequences.

Eric is now the Chief Technology Officer at The Third Floor.  He is responsible for the direction and strategy of all the Technology at The Third Floor.  This includes The Third Floor’s Virtual Production tools and apps as well as their new innovative hybrid Maya/Unreal previs pipeline.  Eric first started working in Virtual Production over 2006 with director Bob Zemekis.  Eric saw first hand the value of virtual production and has worked to incorporate these new technologies and workflows on all projects at The Third Floor works on.

Eric studied filmmaking, cinematography and animation at NYU Film School.  Eric has worked for the past 15 years as a Previs supervisor on everything from small commercials to large VFX driven features to groundbreaking TV shows.  In his various roles Eric always strive to interpret the vision of the Directors and Producers and serve as an integral part in bridging the gap between previs and what’s executed on-set.

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