The Troubles I’ve Seen

Life As a Journalist – Everybody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen

What strategies can we develop to protect ourselves as Journalists from this increasing traumatic front line?

Working as a Journalist puts you on the front line, in the action, often first on the scene; but what toll does that have on reporters and what can we do to make sure that they are safe, both physically and mentally. If journalists aren’t reporting live from events then News Editors and Journalists often work with material which is recorded by the public who are first on the scene and sent in. Often this footage is not acceptable for public consumption and cannot be shown on the news, but someone has to watch to make this call. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, pain, grief and trauma are often the direct effects of exposing reporters to the front line and reported cases are on the increase in the profession. Journalists are often putting themselves in danger to report not just on riots, war zones, natural disasters and scenes of violent crimes, but also from car crashes, famines, and other scenes that can weigh heavily on their physical and mental health.

This panel will discuss some of the, often untalked about, issues in journalism safety. There will be an open discussion on what we can do as an industry to keep these professionals safer both mentally and physically.


Location: The Works
Time: Day 2 Thursday 10.00 – 11.00

Session Panelists (Please click below for bio’s on panelists):

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