Podcasting: A runaway success

Who could have predicted the runaway success of the podcast? Is it because you can listen anywhere anytime to content about anything via numerous platforms? Whatever the reason, podcasting is the hottest media trend and many broadcasters are playing catch up.

Brett Spencer, Digital Content Director at Bauer along with a stellar panel will look at the success of Podcasting and discuss:-

How can Broadcasters find the resources to make podcasts alongside their regular output?

Do podcasts attract new talent ? Are they a new way to be discovered?

Are podcasts competing with linear radio or increasing our audio choices?.

How is the growth in podcasts influencing the way we make radio and program the schedules?

Location: The Works
Time: Day 1 Wednesday 13.45 – 14.45

Session Panelists (Please click below for bio’s on panellists):


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